snowmobiles are reliable and easy to handle and drive, also for first-timers- there are two persons driving a snowmobile, they take turns during the safari.


  • overalls
  • shoes
  • gloves
  • balaclavas
  • helmets and goggles
  • scarfs



Fuel and oil belongs to the price.


The snowmobiles are risk insured – the self liability of the customer is max 800 EUR.


Enough guides according to the respective group size. Languages: finnish, swedish, english, german, spanish and french. The guides know first-aid.

Driving instructions

The participants will be given driving instructions, both in theory and practise- all the essential of the technic of the snowmobile will be taught to insure safety while driving.


If the food is served at terrain, the food is normally prepared by an open fire. The food are traditional Lappish dishes.


In case the safari is cancelled 7-14 days in advance, the cancellation fee is 60% of the price of the program. We will charge 100% ie. the whole sum of the program in case the cancellation is made only 0-7 days in advance