Mount Kenya trek to Point Lenana


The Mount Kenya trek is a challenging and enjoyable journey to Mount Kenya’s highest trekking peak (Point Lenana) at 4985 metres. From the summit there is a beautiful view of the dramatic volcanic massif and the two main peaks of Batian and Nelion, as well as long views over the central plains of Kenya. It has long been a popular and very attractive hike through an ancient landscape dotted with glaciers, rock spires, high tarns and some beautiful unique flora and fauna like the giant groundsels and the odd looking rock hyrax which has evolved from the elephant.

There are two popular trekking routes on the western side of the mountain called Naro Moru and Sirimon. For both the starting point is the small town of Naro Moru which is about 4 hours drive from Nairobi. Our charity Moving Mountains has done a lot of work in this area and you can visit some of the schools we have built. In Naro Moru we recommend staying at a local hotel called the Blue Line which we have helped to develop over many years, or the more salubrious Naro Moru River Lodge.

We would recommend doing the trek by ascending and descending each of the routes to give some variety, and you can either camp or stay in huts along the way. Our guides are well trained with extensive experience on all routes, and they have international first aid certificates. We provide the equipment for camping and cooking, plus the porters who will carry a rucksack up to 15 kgs. We work on a minimum team number of two for our prices, so there would be a supplement for individuals.

The itinerary starts in Naro Moru but we can provide all the optional extras if needed, including private transport from Nairobi, accommodation in Nairobi, Naro Moru or Embu (for anyone using the Chogoria route for their ascent or descent), upgrades to hut accommodation on the mountain and safaris or visits to our Moving Mountains projects.

Testimonial: “Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you for helping to organise a fantastic trip to Mount Kenya! It really was an unforgettable trip and we all hugely enjoyed it!

The organisation of the whole trip was faultless and I was so impressed with everyone I have met here from AA. Cyrus was fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide, along with the brilliant team of porters, not forgetting the fantastic cook. He fed us very very well! ”


Mount Kenya is its own National Park with a stunning landscape of interesting endemic flora and flora as well as jagged summit peaks and glaciers. It differs from Kilimanjaro in that there is a great deal more wildlife to be spotted, as well as numerous high tarns and traditional higher peaks! For many it is a much more scenic and peaceful experience with much fewer numbers and smaller teams ascending the mountain, many have been up and down without meeting anyone other than the Kenya Wildlife Service staff at the Park Gates and the camps.

From a distance, the jagged volcanic peaks are the remains which emerge from the centre of an eroded volcanic dome cut by radial valleys and ridges, standing proudly over the plains and savannah below. Elephant, buffalo, Colobus monkey, bushbuck and giant forest hog can be seen in the foothills of the 228 sq. mile park. From the lower forests of bamboo, the landscape develops to unusual high-altitude equatorial vegetation on the shoulder of the mountain with giant heather, lobelia and groundsels. Read more about the type of terrain you’ll encounter on a Mount Kenya trek and the level of fitness required under ‘Mount Kenya advice.

Jatkamalla vierailuasi verkkosivustolla, annat suostumuksesi evästeiden käyttöön. Lisätietoja

Verkkosivustomme käyttää sinua kiinnostavan mainonnan tarjoamiseksi evästeitä, jotka voivat sisältää myös kolmansien osapuolien evästeitä. Evästeet ovat pieniä tekstitiedostoja tai tiedonpalasia, jotka tallentuvat tietokoneellesi tai mobiililaitteellesi vieraillessasi Sivustollamme. Eväste sisältää tyypillisesti sen verkkosivun nimen, josta eväste on peräisin, evästeen ”eliniän” (eli kuinka pitkään eväste pysyy laitteellasi) ja arvon, joka on tyypillisesti sattumanvaraisesti luotu ainutlaatuinen numero.